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Reusable cups to be introduced at Kent Cricket matches

Wednesday 18th May 2016

Men’s First Team

Kent Cricket will introduce reusable cups in 2016 to lower their carbon footprint by stopping thousands of disposable plastic cups going into landfill.

Disposable cups have become pollutants because they take hundreds of years to biodegrade with a massive impact on the environment.

The club has joined forces with Green Goblet who supply the reusable cups and are thrilled that Kent Cricket are leading the way forward in environmental sustainability.

The reusable cups will provide drinkers with a sturdier cup and a souvenir to take home after matches at The Spitfire Ground, St Lawrence, The County Ground in Beckenham and The Nevill Ground in Tunbridge Wells.

Supporters will pay a £1 deposit for their reusable cup with their first drink with every subsequent drink will be poured into a clean reusable cup. When you finish drinking, keep the cup as a souvenir or exchange it for the deposit.