‘Rising to the Next Level’ – Kent Cricket Academy Strategy

Friday 6th May 2011

Kent Cricket Academy has launched a new strategy, outlining a clear path towards excellence, with the intention of being recognised as the benchmark Academy for developing ‘first class quality’ cricketers in England.

Joe Denly, Lydia Greenway, Alex Blake, Sam Northeast, James Goodman and Matthew Coles are just a few recent graduates and the club recognises the increasing value of young players. The new strategy, ‘Rising to the Next Level’ outlines how the club will seek to maximise performance in the future, building on the foundations of the past by introducing a range of initiatives structured within a logical framework.

The Kent Cricket Academy is entering a new and exciting phase, and the Academy Strategy will help to create a learning environment which enables players with potential to develop their individual skills and techniques to the highest possible standard.

'Rising to the next level'