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Thanks for your feedback

Thursday 23rd September 2010

Kent Cricket recently completed a series of surveys involving members and supporters. In total over 850 were completed, with the vast majority (94%) being fulfilled online.

The project was designed to give us feedback on changes introduced in 2010, an evaluation of operations at county fixtures and responses to a range of proposed innovations for 2011. Never before have members and supporters been asked to answer such an array of questions – with the data and information collected invaluable for our planning process.

Whilst pleased with the uptake, which from a research perspective represents a strong, statistically valid level, there was some disappointment that the number completed by members was not higher. This could be attributed to the online nature (addressed within the summary), incomplete and sometimes inaccurate data-base information for email addresses or a questionable e-distribution system. All factors being addressed, in planning for 2011.

Overall, there were very clear trends in both survey results although there were some interesting differences in the responses between the two groups.

Below you will find a summary of the key findings, inclusive of comparisons between the two stakeholder groups.