Tunbridge Wells Hospital Radio at The Nevill Ground

Monday 19th May 2014

Men’s First Team

Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells will be providing live ball-by-ball coverage of the four day County Championship match between Kent and Worcestershire at the Nevill Ground from May 25th to 28th for patients in the Tunbridge Wells Hospital at Pembury and Tonbridge Cottage Hospital.

The commentary will also be made available to cricket fans that are unable to get along to the Nevill Ground to watch the action in person via the charity’s website at www.hrtw.org.uk

The station’s commentary team of Chris Woodward, Chris Reed and Joe Mendell will be based in the Pavilion to provide the ball-by-ball commentary, whilst Chris Manser and Tim Godsalve will be based in the Hospital Radio studio to provide regular updates on the scores from other games around the country and all the other sports news available during the lunch and tea breaks.

Chris Woodward who co-ordinates the coverage for Hospital Radio commented "we are delighted to be able to provide commentary on the match in Tunbridge Wells again this year, our thanks to Kent County Cricket Club for allowing us to attend".

The Hospital Radio team have been providing ball-by-ball commentary on matches from the Nevill Ground for the last 8 years. Although, coverage of the event originally started back in the mid-1970’s when volunteers from the charity radio station had their own cricket commentary tower constructed at the ground and did the commentary by telephone.

Station Manager Chris Manser said, “Patients in the local hospitals are unable to access the BBC coverage of the cricket in Tunbridge Wells so we are pleased to be able to provide commentary for them and at the same time share it online with cricket fans, especially Worcestershire fans that may not be able to attend the event in person. Over the years we have had some very positive feedback on our commentary, so I would encourage cricket fans to give our coverage a try instead”.

Listen live to the cricket commentary at www.hrtw.org.ukand click the Listen Live button.