Safe Hands Management System (SHMS) is  a secure online platform from the ECB for clubs to store and manage all their club information in one easy and accessible place.

SHMS is a valuable tool in ensuring the club is compliant with good safeguarding practice.  It enables club administrators to easily keep track of the DBS status of relevant club members and together with safeguarding and other courses in the future, will be essential for the club to monitor their own compliance in this area.

Understand what the SHMS can do for your club in this ECB video:

ECB Video – Safe Hands Management System

About Safe Hands Management System

  • What benefits are there to our club in registering for Safe Hands Management System?

    SHMS is integrated into other ECB databases so that it can update information on the key individuals at each club. Currently the system only shows the DBS status of relevant club members, but ECB are planning to add SYC (Safeguarding Young Cricketers), coaching and other qualifications in due course.

    Clubs have direct access within SHMS to contact the ECB Customer Support team through a dedicated Help Centre on any queries or assistance they may need with Registration/Maintenance/ Compliance, including how to apply for or renew DBS certificates.

    Upon registration and completion of the Insurance Risk assessment clubs will be invited to take up FREE Club Insurance provided by the ECB partner – Howdens. The insurance policy will commence on the club’s next renewal date.

  • Is Safe Hands Management System compulsory for clubs?

    All clubs wishing to be accredited as Clubmark clubs are required to use SHMS. In addition, Kent Cricket strongly recommends the use of Safe Hands Management System by all cricket clubs in Kent with a current or aspiring junior section.

  • How can I get access to SHMS for my cricket club?

    To request an SHMS account, please contact Shireen Hart with the name of the official at your club who will have key responsibility for maintaining the club’s records on the system (the nominated club administrator for the purposes of SHMS), and Shireen will set you up with an account.

  • What is the SHMS club administrator required to do?

    The nominated Club Administrator at each Cricket Club will need to watch short online training videos before completing their own profile, accepting their role as club administrator via an email invite sent from the ECB and then checking and take responsibility for the completion of the information (name, DOB, email and role) requested for each club official.

  • Invitation to join Safe Hands Management System – Email notifications

    Users will receive an email to ask them to accept the role they have applied for at their club. These emails are via sent via the Safe Hands Portal with the Subject: “Important – Your ECB Invite to join Safe Hands Management System”. Please note these emails are genuine and you will only be sent one if a member of your club who has admin rights has added you to the system under one of the listed roles.

  • Where do I get technical help with SHMS?

    Please contact the ECB Safe Hands Help Desk via the SHMS portal for technical help for any issues with using Safe Hands Management System.   ‘How to’ videos on using SHMS are also available via the same link within the portal.

    For further information on the benefits and use of SHMS please visit the ECB Safe Hands webpage.