Sam Billings’ Australia Blog – November 2012

Monday 12th November 2012

Here it goes then… my first blog of the trip. I’ve been here just over a month now in Adelaide and it is safe to say it has been brilliant. This is the first time I have been away to play cricket in the off season for an extended period of time, obviously I have toured with various other sides all around the world but this is a totally different experience one that I’m sure I’ll continue to enjoy.

The group of ‘Poms’ out here that I’m with are an ‘eclectic’ bunch; all absolutely top boys and as a group we have really bonded well. I have played against many of them over the years; Joe Gatting, Rory Burns, Dan Redfern just to name a few.

Well… regarding the Academy program, it is not too dissimilar as to what you’d expect; A LOT of fitness and it has been uncomfortable to say the least, but it’ll get us as players in the right condition to hit the ground running come the start of the English, or ‘Pommy’ season I should say. The infamous ‘snakepit’ fitness course down near Semafor beach is the S & C’s personal favourite, I can whole-heartedly say it is definitely not the boys!

The cricket has been an eye opener, the format is over two weekends over here so the focus is to bat long periods of time much like the longer form of the game as opposed to club cricket at home is of a one day cricket mentality. It’s a test mentally as you really don’t want to miss out as you could potentially go 3, 4 maybe in 5 weeks without another hit in a game if the weather decides to turn for the worse. The club I have been assigned to is ‘Port Adelaide’; cracking bunch of lads who as a side, when we ‘click’ are a serious force to contend with.

I follow in the footsteps Jason Roy, Scott Borthwick and Will Beer who have also played there in past seasons so I have plenty to live up to.

Just a word on Adelaide; it has been amazing. Undeniably lovely spot, beaches and weather has been amazing, the tan is progressing nicely which I am estatic about! The city itself has a really nice feel to it, pretty laid back and not so much of a rat race like London or even Sydney and Melbourne yet still has plenty to offer day and night.

Hope everyone’s Movember efforts are going better than mine, babyface goes another year without getting involved. Till next month… SWB