Club Chair’s Update: High Performance Review

Friday 2nd September 2022

Club Chair’s Update: High Performance Review

In light of the ongoing debate about the High Performance Review led by Sir Andrew Strauss, Kent Cricket’s Chair, Simon Philip has provided an update:

“The High-Performance Review has inevitably caused considerable debate about the impact of the Review on the domestic schedule from 2023 onwards.

“We have not yet commented on this matter, as it was inappropriate and premature to comment on speculation.

“However, we do understand that there is concern amongst our Members and supporters.

“This week, Paul Downton, Simon Storey and I attended one of a series of Review consultation meetings for Chairs, Chief Executives and Directors of Cricket.

“At the meetings, the initial findings of the Review group were shared and a number of potential options were presented. Chairs, CEOs and DoCs were invited to provide their input. It was clear that there are no elegant solutions to the issues of structure and scheduling.

“We hope to receive the final recommendations of the High Performance Review group by Thursday 15 September. As soon as we have visibility of the final recommendations, the Board will assess the proposals.

“Whilst there is an ECB meeting with Chairs scheduled for 20th September, until the final recommendations are received, it is not possible to provide details on what decisions, if any, will be required at this meeting. It should be noted that 12 of the 18 First-Class Counties have to be in favour, for changes to the cricket we play to be enacted.

“The Board, which is comprised of Kent Members, both Life and Annual, will always act in the best interest of the Club, its Members, players and staff.

“If we are asked to vote on an issue that fundamentally changes the character of the Club or the cricket that we play, we would elicit Members’ views either through an SGM or a formal consultation process and ask ECB to delay any formal vote whilst Members are consulted.

“The Board share many, if not all, of the concerns of our Members, supporters and the cricket following fraternity. We do understand!”

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