Defibrillators for Cricket Clubs

Friday 23rd July 2021

The Club Cricket Charity have received funding from the ECB to help provide cricket clubs with discounted portable defibrillators and training. The Club Cricket Charity are working with Counties to spread the word of their offer.

A cardiac arrest can happen at any time and can be caused by a variety of factors (an undiagnosed heart condition, heart attack, batsman or fielder accident etc.) and can effect any age group. Many cricket teams play at cricket grounds that cannot be easily accessed by emergency services – a portable defibrillator can ensure vital medical treatment is provided within the first 5 crucial minutes of collapse.

Clubs can apply for the supply of a portable AED unit at a heavily discounted £600.

The units are designed to be easy to use and clubs can also make use of the Annual Support Service, covering training, insurance cover, stress counselling post event and registration with local emergency services, for the cost of £126 plus VAT per annum.

We hope that nobody is in a situation where a defibrillator needs to be used, but having one available can potentially save someone’s life.

For more information on the offer, please contact Donna Black or visit The Club Cricket Charity website.