Leagues back Training with Course Subsidies

Tuesday 13th December 2022

As is usual over the winter months, there are a host of training courses scheduled which aim to help develop the skills, participation and enjoyment of all members of Kent’s wonderful grassroots cricket network.

Scorers, Grounds People and Umpires all play an essential role in getting our game on and both The Kent Cricket League (KCL) and The Kent County Village League (KCVL) understand and proudly support their vital participation in and dedication to cricket across the county.

Each season, the Leagues offer subsidies for member clubs to help put their members through training courses where they can learn new, or develop existing skills and in doing so, actively improve cricket in Kent.

Association of Cricket Officials (ACO) Courses

  • Up to 2 people per club can take one ACO course each per season.
  • The Leagues will recompense the club 100% of the course fees on submission of a claim form and course certificate

Grounds Management Association (GMA) Courses

  • The Leagues will recompense the club 50% of the course fees on submission of a claim form and course certificate

To claim the subsidy, a club official simply has to fill in this online form:

ACO Courses

GMA Courses

Club Scorer£30.00Level 1 (online)£42.00
Umpire Stage 1£30.00Level 2 (online)£114.00
Umpire Stage 2£30.00Level 3 (online)£162.00
  • Click on the course title for more detail
  • All prices represent the full course costs and are accurate as of November 2022

We asked James Moss, our lead member of staff for grounds management, for his take on the online GMA Courses.

“They are a game-changer for recreational ground-staff, giving them access to the key theory of good pitch production, which can be complimented with practical knowledge from experienced ground-staff at our local seminars. Not only does it bring the cost down massively, but it is available at any point and can be completed in multiple sittings, rather than sacrificing precious weekends.”