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Maru shares secrets of spin

Monday 25th September 2023

The Kent Cricket Coaches Association proudly hosted the ECB “Spin it up” session this weekend, as part of the Coach Development learning series. This is a new programme touring England and Wales, providing unique opportunities for qualified coaches.

Led by former Middlesex and Hampshire spinner, Raj Maru, candidates were able to benefit from the knowledge of a man who snared over 500 first class wickets. With recent experience in both school and pathway cricket, Maru spoke about working with both Mason Crane and Alice Capsey.

Coaches revisited the Core Principles for bowling through the lens of spinners, before splitting into small groups to practice observations.  Drawing numbered chalk boxes on the floor provided a simple and repeatable method of recording a bowlers alignment. Furthermore, the addition of coloured insulation tape to the seam aided both player and coach to gain better outcomes.

Regardless of their coaching background, coaches took great interest in how to best support their spin bowlers. Whether the questions were myth-busting or philosophical, Maru answered with the engaging enthusiasm of someone that loves to share their craft.

Coaches who missed this opportunity are reminded of the upcoming Coaches Conference which takes place on Sunday 8th October.