Penshurst Park Softball League Champions Again

Monday 25th September 2023

Penshurst Park Cricket Club have once again been crowned Kent Women’s Softball League Champions, securing their third consecutive winner’s shield, after victory at their home ground on Saturday.

The Kent Women’s Softball Cricket League for 2023 saw huge growth in entries, nearly doubling in size, as 24 teams made up six divisions across the county. The winners of each of the East, Central, North, Tunbridge Wells, London and Tonbridge divisions qualified for the County Final, to challenge for the shield. Chestfield, The Mote, High Halstow, Penshurst Park, Sidcup and Cowdrey were the successful clubs to compete at the picturesque Penshurst Cricket Club, set in the magnificent grounds of Penshurst Place.

The finals were played in an 8-a-side pairs format, each innings lasting eight overs with the six group winners split into two groups and all challenging for first place, in order to progress to the grand final.

The home team Penshurst Park had a 100% win record throughout the day, therefore qualifying for the Final to face The Mote CC. In which the home side, through some fantastic fielding and bowling, limited The Mote to just 219 runs, winning by a 9 run margin.

Helen Fagg, in charge of recreational female cricket growth for Kent, commented “Our Women’s Softball Cricket League continues to grow and to be a very popular form of the game for women and teenage girls who want a cricket format that fits with their busy lives. The KWSCL Finals hosted at Penshurst Park were a brilliant way to culminate another positive season, full of fun, fast and social cricket”.

Final Standings:

  1. Penshurst Park CC
  2. The Mote CC
  3. Cowdrey CC
  4. Sidcup CC
  5. High Halstow CC
  6. Chestfield CC

Congratulations to all teams involved in such a flourishing format and competition and huge thanks to our winners Penshurst Park CC for hosting such a fantastic Finals Day in the September sun.