Monday 1st May 2023

Kent Cricket Community Trust together with the Kent Cricket Community Team have jointly delivered a number of cricket sessions for community groups and organisations which include:-

Young Onset Dementia Activists (YODAs)

To mark Dementia Action Week (15th-21st May), Kent Cricket Community Trust in connection with Old Roan Cricket Club to deliver a session for the, YODA group run by Bromley, Lewisham and Greenwich Mind (BLG Mind). YODA exists to support people diagnosed with Young Onset Dementia.

Daz, a YODA member, instantly connected with fellow YODA, Alan over a  shared passion for cricket. It was two years after Alan and Daz met, that Alan had a chat with another fellow cricket fan, Graeme, who he’d known for over 50 years. Alan filled him in about YODA and mentioned that he’d met Daz, Graeme’s eyes lit up as he realised, that he used to teach at the same school as Daz and has played cricket with him many times. Without hesitation, Graeme wanted to do something to support the work of the YODAs, and connected KCCT and it’s 50 Overs programme, and coordinated a Cricket and Tea event. Which provided a walking cricket session, followed by a cricket tea and a chance to talk about memories of cricket.

  • “We were reunited by our love for cricket…Today was much more than just a game of cricket – it was a reunion of old friends” – Alan said.
  • Daz, who arrived in his cricket best, added “This day has brought back many fond memories for me”
  • Saira, who runs the Young Onset Dementia Activists group, added:
  • “Dementia Action Week inspires the UK public to take action to improve the lives of people affected by dementia, and this kind of event is exactly the type of thing that can make a big difference in the YODAs lives. I’m always looking for different activities for the YODAs so that we can continue to make wonderful memories like these.”

Dementia is termed ‘young onset’ when it affects people before the age of 65. There are over 70,800 people estimated to be living with the condition in the UK