The Kent ACO extends a very warm welcome to those starting their journeys to becoming officials in the game. We trust you will enjoy the programme and that it will encourage you to support your local club, or local league, as a trained umpire.

The ECB Association of Cricket Officials (“ECB ACO”) represents Scorers and Umpires for and on behalf of the national governing body, the England and Wales Cricket Board (“ECB”). ECB ACO is the membership organisation responsible for the recruitment, training and development of all cricket officials, although membership is not a requirement for enrolling on any of our courses. For further details please click here

Umpiring and Scoring Education

The Kent ACO, in conjunction with Kent Cricket, run face-to face education courses for Officials throughout the winter. Details are publicised on the website and places can be booked online. In addition, the ACO is currently rolling out a series of equivalent online courses. Details of all current courses are provided here.

These courses supersede the previous Level 1, 1A, 2 and 3.

Umpiring Courses

  • Basics of Umpiring [online]
  • Umpire Introductory
  • Umpire Stage 1
  • Umpire Stage 2
  • Umpire Stage 3

Click here to visit the ECB website for an overview of each course.

Scoring Courses

  • Basics of Scoring [online]
  • Introductory Course
  • Club Scorer
  • Level 1: Scoring the Game
  • Level 2: Planning and Preparation

For information on each of these courses, as well as additional modules available and the Level 3 course, please click here.

  • Book an Umpiring Course

    In view of the unprecedented Covid-19 situation in which we find ourselves, we are currently unable to arrange any face to face courses at the current time. That said the ECB ACO has developed (and continues to develop) a series of online courses, details of which will be made available as and when they are rolled out.

    However for the ease of reference, the new online Stage One courses may be accessed here.

  • Book a Scoring Course

    In view of the unprecedented Covid-19 situation in which we find ourselves, no face to face scorer courses can yet be run. Work is underway to establish what can be offered via alternative media in the short term, but until this is finalised, anyone interested in undertaking scorer education (at any level) should contact Andy Lynch by email or on 07811 845134.

In view of the unprecedented Covid-19 situation in which we find ourselves in and the lack of any meaningful cricket, there will be no accreditation in 2020.  Those interested, however, may commence the process now and register for accreditation during 2021.

Umpire Accreditation is separate from Umpire Education and is available following the completion of Stages Two, Three and Four of the education programmes. Accreditation at each stage in the process will be dependent upon demonstrable on-field competence.

All umpires can benefit from some form of support irrespective of their experience but for new and developing umpires it is essential. The programme involves the use of experienced umpires as mentors and coaches who can provide encouragement and guidance that will enable all umpires to improve their match management capabilities.

The ECB ACO Support and Development programme is designed to support all registered candidates gain recognition of their competence by meeting the required ECB ACO standards.

The Accreditation Programme

  • From 2019 the scheme is less prescriptive and enables each County to meet their own requirements.
  • Focus on self- assessment whilst working with a mentor. Candidates will identify their own issues, understand what they need to do to improve and this will help them develop the appropriate strategy to move forward.
  • To align accreditation with education, Umpire 2 Accreditation (U2A) will follow Stage 2 and Umpire 3 Accreditation (U3A) will follow on from Stage 3. The requirements for Umpire 4 Accreditation (U4A) will be added when they are agreed.

Any umpire member who has any questions about the accreditation process is invited to contact the County Development Officer, John Hope.

The umpire grading system is designed to identify the level at which umpires are regularly operating and to support those with ambitions to progress through the umpiring pathway. It is acknowledged that some umpires are content in the knowledge that their participation supports players to enjoy the sport, without the need for a grading.

For those seeking to progress through the pathway, the grading system is gaining increasing importance both locally and nationally, as senior level appointments demand competence-based decisions.

Kent ACO grades its umpire members according to agreed national standards and is based on the level of cricket they have officiated in the previous season, subject to a minimum of six matches at that level.

The grading criteria being used is shown below.

C1: ECB Premier League – Kent League 1st XI Premier Division
C2: Tier 2 League – Kent League 1st XI Division 1
C3: Tier 3 League – Kent League 1st XI Division 2, Kent Premier 2nd XI
C4: Tier 4 League – Remaining Kent League, Kent Regional League Premier & Championship Divisions, Kent Village League 1st Division
C5: All other levels of umpiring
C6: New umpires and those we are unaware of the level of league in which the umpire is
standing. The umpire should contact the County Development Officer (details below) to advise them of which league he/she is standing in so that the correct grading can be given.
C7 –   No longer actively umpiring.

All umpires are expected to hold and maintain their Disclosure and Barring Service Check, as they are in a position of trust and the majority of cricket matches will involve players under the age of 18.

Applying for a DBS

All DBS are now carried out online, but still require a face-to-face ID verification. The majority of cricket club Welfare Officer’s are setup to initiate a DBS application, therefore asking your own Club Welfare Officer to do this is often the simplest method.

If you are a volunteer, the DBS process is free of charge. If you receive payment then it incurs a cost of £44 which you can pay by card when you complete the online form.

Click here to view the full step-by-step process of obtaining a DBS, along with information on the update service.

The Kent ACO have also been liaising with other regions to bring a series of 8 interactive ‘bite size’ presentations for umpires to refresh their minds on some of the key knowledge and skills required of the practicing umpire. These can be accessed via Dropbox.

The bite size presentations must be viewed as a PowerPoint Show, otherwise they will not display correctly. You can do this in two ways:

  1. View in Dropbox – you must be logged in to Dropbox to do this (free to register)
  2. Download to your device – can be down without logging in

The Kent ACO, in conjunction with Kent Cricket, is responsible for advising, supporting and educating umpires and scorers in Kent. The overarching aims of the Kent ACO is to:

  • Promote the interests of umpires and scorers
  • Retain current officials
  • Encourage the recruitment of new officials
  • Improve the standard of officiating in the county

If you have any queries, please direct them as appropriate to the following: