Cricket4London Hub – Participant Feedback

Saturday 11th November 2023

Cricket4London Hub – Participant Feedback

Cricket4London’s Deptford Hub has been running for quite some time now with sessions taking place on Tuesdays between 3.45 and 5.00pm at Deptford Park. We have managed to engage many children that have never played cricket before who have now taken it on as a weekly after-school club.

Children from different schools in the area take part in our hub sessions and leave having learnt a new skill.

Below we interviewed one of the children that has been attending our hub since the very beginning and get his opinion on how it has impacted his life.

This was just some of the feedback about our hub since we opened in the summer:

What do you think about the Cricket 4 London Hub?

  • “I really like it because a lot of the kids can take part in fun cricket activities.”
  • “Before I joined, I didn’t know that much about cricket but since I joined the C4L Hub I have learnt so much.”

What benefits have come out of the hub since you have joined?

  • “I made new friends that went to my school but didn’t know they where there and now we are friends.”
  • “I want to take part in hardball cricket.”
  • “We are going to visit the Kia Oval in December”.

Would you recommend the hub to your friends?

Yes, I have told all my friends to join!

For the full interview follow us on Instagram- C4Ldeptfordhub

For school enquires please contact to book your sessions. Bookings will be going fast so get in contact as soon as possible.

Hub session

Tuesdays between 3:45-5:00pm


Deptford Park 23 Scawen Rd, London SE8 5AE.

For further information about how you could get involved speak to Coach Ash via email and fill out an online form with your name and contact info and follow us on Instagram where we post about each session. We currently have a live WhatsApp group for parents to join to stay up to date on current and upcoming events in the hub. Please ask Coach Ash in person to join. The hubs will continue to run at Deptford Park until further notice. A link to our website and social media platforms is below.

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