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Kent remembers

Friday 6th November 2015

As the UK stops to rememberthe contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts, Kent Cricket would like to pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Kenf and England spinner Colin Blythe was killedby random shell-fire on the railway between Pimmern and Forest Hall near Passchendaele on 8 November 1917. He is buried in the Oxford Road CWGC Cemetery in Belgium (pictured above).

30 Kent players and officials lost their lives in the World Wars, here is a list of those who died:


Lance Sergeant Fred Stanley Lowe, born Jul 1887, died 18/10/1914 Radinghem, France 2nd XI

2nd Lieutenant Leonard Maurice Powell b 24/08/1894, d 17/06/1915 nr Ypres, Belgium 2nd XI

Captain Arthur Corbett Edwards b 10/09/1871 d 26/09/1915 nr Hulluch, France 2nd XI

2nd Lieutenant Frank Noel Tuff b 26/11/1889 d 05/11/1915 Malta 2nd XI

Captain George Henry Heslop b 10/04/1895 d 01/07/1916 nr Beaumont Hamel, France, 2nd XI

Lieutenant Kenneth Lotherington Hutchings b 07/12/1882 d 03/09/1916 nr Ginchy, France 1st XI

2nd Lt Ernest Herbert Simpson b 17/12/1875 d 02/10/1917 Saint-Omer, France 1st XI

Sergeant Colin Blythe b 30/05/1879 d 08/11/1917 nr Wieltje, Belgium 1st XI

Private (Actg Corp) Charles Thomas Wycherley b 30/09/1890 d 11/01/1918 Mesopotamia 2nd XI

Major (Bt Lt-Col) Lawrence Julius le Fleming b 03/06/1879 d 21/03/1918 Villecholes, France 1st XI

2nd Corporal David William Jennings b 04/06/1889 d 06/08/1918 Tunbridge Wells 1st XI

Captain Charles Eric Hatfeild b 11/03/1887 d 21/09/1918 Hargicourt, France 1st XI

Lt George William Edendale Whitehead b 27/08/1895 d 17/10/1918 Lauwe, Belgium 1st XI

Major (Bt Lt-Col) Arthur Houssemayne du Boulay b 18/06/1880 d 25/10/1918 Fillievres, France 1st XI

2nd Lt James Hugh Edendale Whitehead b 08/07/1890 d 13/03/1919 London 2nd XI


Howard Charles Sheffield Armstrong b 04/02/1919 d 31/01/1944 Ireland (aircraft crash) 2nd XI

Desmond Herbert Biggleston b 29/09/1914 d 10/07/1942 Libya (1st battle EL Alamein) 2nd XI

Frederick Gerald Hudson Chalk b 07/09/1910 d 17/02/1943 Louches, France 1st XI

Martin Charles Campbell Daniel b 30/04/1905 d 24/09/1942 UK Committee

David Arthur Sydney Day b 30/03/1916 d 22/02/1944 Burma 2nd XI

James William Travis Grimshaw b 17/02/1912 d 26/09/1944 1st XI

Lancelot Townley Grove b 22/08/1905 d 09/02/1943 Newfoundland, Canada 2nd XI

Cyril Penn Hamilton b 12/08/1909 d 10/02/1941 Eritrea 1st XI

Bernard Howlett b 18/12/1898 d 29/11/1943 Santa Maria Imbara, Italy 1st XI

William Murray Leggatt b 02/09/1900 d 13/08/1946 UK 1st XI

Geoffrey Bevington Legge b 26/01/1903 d 21/11/1940 UK (aircraft crash) 1st XI

Geoffrey Phelps Longfield b 04/12/1909 d 26/02/1943 Rennes, France 2nd XI

Edward Henry Moss b 25/05/1911 d 31/03/1944 nr Rimbach, Germany 2nd XI

Peter Michael William Whitehouse b 27/04/1917 d 19/11/1943 nr Archi, Italy 1st XI

John Roger Bodley Wright b 06/10/1919 d 13/11/1943 Italy 2nd XI

For more information about Kent cricketers lost in the First World War, read Paul Lewis' book For Kent and Country.

Click here to purchase the book with all profits going to the Royal British Legion