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Worcestershire Cricket Society to visit the St Lawrence Ground

Wednesday 14th April 2010

As part of their weekend in Kent, the Worcestershire Cricket Society will visit the St Lawrence Ground this Saturday for a conducted tour by the Club’s Honorary Curator, David Robertson.

The two hour tour will include a visit to the Chiesman Pavilion where much of the club’s collection of artefacts and memorabilia is displayed, the Committee Room which houses the collection of photographs and archive material and the Cowdrey Stand, in which the 45 visitors will be able to see a collection of framed scorecards which highlight the achievements of outstanding Kent players and teams from the early part of the C20th to the present day.

Also included in the tour will be a visit to the Kent Academy, which houses the club’s Honours Boards. David has produced a booklet which sets out some notes on the St Lawrence Ground and on the club’s collection of memorabilia.