2022 Girls’ Talent Pathway squads released

Thursday 18th November 2021

2022 Girls’ Talent Pathway squads released

Kent Cricket Girls’ Talent Pathway Squads for the 2022 county season are now online to view.

Players for the squads were selected and announced in late October, after the conclusion of two weeks of outdoor and two weeks of indoor assessments.

For the 2022 season, Kent will run six girls’ age group squads, for which the players were being assessed for Under 11 (x2), Under 13 (x2), Under 15 and Under 18 Girls.

The standard of the assessment sessions was as high as ever and all girls who were nominated to be assessed, yet weren’t selected for a county squad, have since been invited to the girls’ Area Regional Hubs to continue their training under the eye of our county coaches.

We congratulate all players who have been selected for the first time, or re-selected into a Kent age group squad, with the congratulations extending to the many coaches who have worked with these players at club, school or area level. We wish them all the best as they commence their county winter training in January.

Please see below for the list of players in their age groups and the cricket clubs they are members of.

Under 11 Girls North:

  • Alexandra Tunnicliff (Town Malling CC)
  • Chloe Selvey-Clinton (Sevenoaks Vine CC)
  • Clara Liddell (Beckenham CC)
  • Eleanor Burrow (Greenwich Juniors)
  • Erin Matthews (High Halstow CC)
  • Evie Pulford (Beckenham CC)
  • Isabella Flint (Bexleyheath CC)
  • Maria Benedict (Greenwich Juniors)
  • Mayra Venkataraman (Bromley CC)
  • Naomi Hicks (Beckenham CC)
  • Orla Jones (Bromley CC)
  • Poppy James (Bexleyheath CC)
  • Ria Patel (Bromley CC)
  • Ziana D’Souza (Greenwich Juniors)

Under 11 Girls South:

  • Bibi Calvocoressi (Penshurst Park CC)
  • Ella Phillips (Southborough CC)
  • Elsie Clark (St Lawrence and Highland Court CC)
  • Emily Julio (Sevenoaks Vine CC)
  • Emma McInnes (St Lawrence and Highland Court CC)
  • Holly Cooper (Canterbury CC)
  • Isobel Jones (Mersham Sports Club)
  • Jessie Hall (Castle Hill CC)
  • Josie Sharpe Southborough CC)
  • Leah Gould (Mersham Sports Club)
  • Lucie Vincent (Tunbridge Wells CC)
  • Matilda Bridger-Wood (Penshurst Park CC)
  • Milly Rowe (Penshurst Park CC)
  • Sylvie Brandon (Tunbridge Wells CC)

Under 13 Girls Red Caps:

  • Amy Waite (The Mote CC)
  • Aqsa Kayani (Canterbury CC)
  • Caitlin Savage (Tenterden CC)
  • Charlotte Youds (Tunbridge Wells CC)
  • Florence Holman (Beckenham CC)
  • Georgia Moran (Tunbridge Wells CC)
  • Katie Garness-Saunders (St Lawrence & Highland Court CC)
  • Millie Foster (Canterbury CC)
  • Olivia Dungate-Marsh (Mersham Sports Club)
  • Ruby Marriage (Tunbridge Wells CC)
  • Hannah Chapman (St Lawrence & Highland Court CC)
  • Lottie Davidson (Tunbridge Wells CC)
  • Pollyanna Brett (Tunbridge Wells CC)
  • Victoria Kern (Sevenoaks Vine CC)

Under 13 Girls Performance:

  • Daisy Brandon (Tunbridge Wells CC)
  • Devon O Carroll (Bexley CC)
  • Dyna Shirly (Chestfield CC)
  • Genevieve Jeer (St Lawrence & Highland Court CC)
  • Holly Pattison (St Lawrence & Highland Court CC)
  • Naomi Scott (St Lawrence & Highland Court CC)
  • Rosie Lawrence Green (Beckenham CC)
  • Umaiza Malik (St Lawrence & Highland Court CC)
  • Bea Alexander (The Mote CC)
  • Lilia Humphries (St Lawrence & Highland Court CC)
  • Lucy Blincoe (Sevenoaks Vine CC)
  • Mali Nicholls (St Lawrence & Highland Court CC)
  • Mila Dreaneen (Hayes CC)

Under 15 Girls:

  • Aaliyah Key (Canterbury CC)
  • Abigail Davis (Bells Yew Green CC)
  • Caitlin Calverley (The Mote CC)
  • Daisy Conway (The Mote CC)
  • Daphne Pink (Bells Yew Green CC)
  • Ella Darlington (Mersham Sports Club)
  • Ella Lockhart (Tunbridge Wells CC)
  • Emily Barrett (Tunbridge Wells CC)
  • Hannah Kruger (Kings Hill CC)
  • Henrietta Jeer (St Lawrence & Highland Court CC)
  • Kaya Clark (St Lawrence & Highland Court CC)
  • Maddie Richardson (Canterbury CC)
  • Maegan Garness-Saunders (St Lawrence & Highland Court CC)
  • Niamh Tarry (The Mote CC)
  • Tilly Corteen-Coleman (St Lawrence & Highland Court CC)
  • Zeena Bilal (Hayes CC)
  • Zoe Dreaneen (Hayes CC)

Under 18 Girls:

  • Alexa Stonehouse (Hayes CC/Whitstable CC)
  • Alice Grant (Tunbridge Wells CC)
  • Anna Roche (Tunbridge Wells CC)
  • Antonia Dilkes (Hayes CC)
  • Darcey Carter (Hayes CC/Chestfield CC)
  • Emily Roche (Tunbridge Wells CC)
  • Esther Adcock (Tunbridge Wells CC)
  • Freya Bucksey (Bexley CC)
  • Imogen Sheriyar (Canterbury CC)
  • Isla McCulloch (Tunbridge Wells / Linden Park CC)
  • Jemima Spence (Tunbridge Wells CC)
  • Jessie Gale (Tunbridge Wells CC)
  • Lottie McDonnell (Whitstable CC)
  • Maisie Wright (Tunbridge Wells CC)
  • Megan Sturge (St Lawrence & Highland Court CC)
  • Olivia Barnes (Whitstable CC)
  • Rosie Murray (Hayes CC)
  • Ryana MacDonald-Gay (Hayes CC/Addington Village CC)
  • Sydney Gorham (Hayes CC)

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